Bake truly spectacular artisan loaves with this 4-piece proofing bundle from Charles Good Food.

Our mission is to help you create healthy homemade sourdough breads that not only tastes good but also looks good.

A LOAF FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Whether you are crazy about a wholemeal sourdough or a sucker for a plain white bread, you can create any type of bread in your banneton, it will hold 1000 gram of dough, producing loaves big enough to feed a hungry family or a party of friends.

PREMIUM MATERIALS - Our highest quality materials and craftsmanship ensure a great bake time after time. The banneton is hand crafted from naturally sourced rattan cane which works to draw moisture from your dough as it proves. The end result? A beautifully crusty loaf. Also included is a natural linen cloth which can be used to line the banneton for a smooth finish, or to cover whilst the dough is proving.

GREAT FOR GIFTING - Your banneton bundle comes with a sourdough starter tutorial, making an excellent gift for that budding baker in your life.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Your 4 piece proofing bundle gives unbeatable value for money, providing you with everything you need to turn your ingredients into impressive creations.


- 10" round banneton proofing basket, hand crafted from the finest natural rattan.

- Ergonomically designed dough scraper.

- Dough scoring tool.

- Natural elasticated linen banneton liner and cover.

- baking tutorials, packed full of baking and prooving hints and tips.

Proofing Basket Set with Liner, Scraper and Bread Lame (10 inch - 25 cm)


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